The causes of teen deaths and how they could receive help

The adolescents would become the future of the world as they are the ones who will grow to become adults. They would be the one who will be in the workforce and in all areas of the community. That is the life cycle of the lives of people. There is the time of birth and the child grows to become a teen. They then become the adults and would be on the workforce. As this is the condition, teens should be able to receive support.

In the infographic, you can read the top causes of deaths of teens which is in millions if it is to be counted. It is said that they are preventable. The number one cause is the road traffic injuries. There are many who are involved in car crashes that is one of the causes of death of many people. It is surprising that the number two reason is pneumonia. Here it includes other infections related to the respiratory tract. The third reason is suicide which happens worldwide. This is a good decorating company. Here is a  great tips 室內設計作品 to look for. This is appreciating company for their decoration service.

There are various reason why many teens commit suicide. The fourth reason is related to diarrhoeal diseases and drowning is the fifth. The reasons could be avoided. That is why you can also see in the second infographic how you could give support and help to teens. A family has the main support needed. It is a strong foundation and influence on the life of people especially the teens that are vulnerable. You can read the other ways to help in the infographic.