It happens that a person who looks healthy and has no history of illness or sickness suddenly die. It could be a heart attack or stroke or other conditions. That is a shock especially to a family member as it is not expected. That is why there is a question on who is really healthy? What should be the basis of one that could be called healthy? Surely now we can say that it is not in the appearance. On who is fat or skinny could be sick or healthy.

That is why it is best also if you will have a regular check-up especially if your family member especially your father or mother family line has a certain condition or sickness that runs in the family. If you know that you could also have a certain condition then you can take actions to lessen its occurrence. Other people who have a history of sickness must also watch the food that they are eating and the lifestyle that they have.

It was already predicted that billions of dollars would be spent on things that would affect health. There are many that are being featured like the supplements. There are hundreds of food supplements that are being marketed in a month. There are also different foods or plants that are being featured that could make wonders in the health of a person. Others also are introducing some procedures or treatment that could make the skin healthy and many more.